How to Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs


Helpful tips for lower premiums

Part of being financially secure is making sure that the home is properly insured, as this will shoulder the costs of repair or loss should any misfortune occur. However, homeowners are currently facing a problem as insurance costs steadily rise—in the US, an increase of around $600 is expected in Texas due to hail storms and tornadoes. Europe is experiencing the same; The Telegraph stated in a recent report that flooded areas in the UK will face rising insurance premiums, and a hard winter (along with higher VAT) will translate to more insurance costs for homeowners in Ireland.
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Surprising hues for elegant flooring

Laminate Flooring

Choosing what you put on your floor is a decision which you will live with for years so you need to pick and choose carefully.

No doubt the points which you are keeping in mind are how much traffic the flooring will endure, how it goes with the overall colour scheme, cost, and whether you should go for carpet or another type of flooring.

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A handy guide to selling items online

online shopping

There is a growing market for selling unwanted goods online – you may be moving house, redecorating or downsizing – regardless of the reason, selling these redundant items on the web is a great way to create a little income and a lot more space.

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Get a Popcorn Maker for Your Home Cinema

JMPosner semi-professional 4oz popcorn maker

If you have a home cinema set up already, you’ve made it in my eyes. But you only need to have the bare essentials of a screen, a seat and something to sit on to give it that title. The real decadence comes when you accessorise your home cinema to reach its full potential, giving you and your friends the best home cinema experience EVER. So what’s the best thing to add to your kit next? How about a retro popcorn maker!

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Simple tips that could help you succeed in real estate investing

Real Estate Investing

Sometime in life,  you might show interest in investing in real estate. You can get good returns after making an investment in this business. Before actually thinking about investing in real estate, everyone keeps certain goals and aspirations. However making the correct decisions in this field is not that easy. You need to have certain know-hows about the market conditions, taxes, the properties you are investing in and various other related aspects before making any final decision. Here we have some of the important tips that every aspiring real estate investor must know:

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Why you should waterproof your basement

Basement waterproofing

Your house is an asset that holds a monetary as well as sentimental value to you. Therefore, you must avoid any sort of damage to this valuable asset. Since the basement is the foundation of your home, the water damage should be repaired immediately in order to prevent any further damage and also to preserve the value of your asset. Water seeping into the basement of a house is a common problem in homes and as prevention is always better than cure, so basement waterproofing is a must. Other than eliminating the chance of ruining the items stored in your basement, waterproofing is necessary because of the following reasons.

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Minimize your carbon footprint by living in a log home

Log House

More and more people nowadays are concerned about Mother Earth and are embracing the ‘green’  in every possible way. Even the building industry is considering the earth conscious demands of consumers and are constructing eco-friendly dwellings. If you dream to live in one of such dwellings, then a log home can make this dream of yours come true. Not only the log cabins hold an environmentally friendly nature, but also are aesthetically gorgeous. Here we have discussed certain reasons why living in these homes helps you in minimizing your carbon footprints.

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Importance of buying a humidifier for your home


Humidity is the moisture content present in the air. The temperature of the air also affects the humidity level of air such that  the warmer the air is, the more water it can hold. During summers we want a combination of dry air and low humidity to result in a cooler ambient temperature and during the winters we prefer high levels of humidity to combat the cold air and make the environment a little warm. The inaccurate levels of humidity or moisture in the air can lead to various health related problems.

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BATHSPHERE brings the bathroom to your living room


We normally start our day from the bathroom and end it up in the bathroom with a shower to shed the hectic day at work before going to the bed. If your bathroom is one of the most important parts of your living area, then why should it remain an isolated space within the home, especially when you spend thousands on your home or living room decor? Revitalizing your bathing space, designer Alexander Zhukovsky has come up with a bathroom concept called the “BATHSPHERE” that brings the bathroom to your living room.

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Advantages of log cabin homes

Log cabin homes

Log cabin home is an architectural style that was initially developed and used by the colonial settlers 375 years ago. It was simply constructed by stripping off a tree bark and notching the logs together with strategic cuts and mortar. By making use of available natural resources, any skilled pioneer could assemble their very own log home. As these homes were simple in design and style they were considered to be rustic backwoods dwelling. But today, they have gained popularity because of the several advantages of living in such dwellings. Out of the many benefits of a log cabin home, few are discussed here.

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