Get your kids digging family time with the Foldaway Foosball Table

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So you’ve finally decided to do something about your kids’ TV/internet/gaming addiction and are looking for a great way to get them to spend quality time with the family the way you did in your own childhood but just don’t know what could possibly be engaging enough to help you tear your kids away from their virtual universe. Well, you might wanna give this Foldaway Foosball Table a try for sure. Known for decades as being one of the most engaging games, foosball remains a great multi-player game that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

This particular version of the popular arcade game features a full-sized foosball top for family-sized fun. What makes this foosball table truly remarkable is the fact that it can be folded to just 12 inches wide and can be stored away in an upright position using the built-in stand in most closets, corners or even under beds. The Foldaway Foosball Table is constructed using sustainably harvest birch wood and comes with a soft plastic trimming suitable for kids. The table is designed for typically aggressive play with its eight metal rods allowing up to four players to execute roll-overs, pushes, pulls as well as other traditional foosball shots.

The table’s hardware is designed to endure and accommodate rapid wrist action and fluid movement through the easy gliding metal controller. Beveled sides allow the play ball to rebound easily and also bind the laminated playing surface perfectly. The Foldaway Foosball Table comes with a plastic ball for the lively and noisy traditional action though buyers can also use a cork ball for noise-free play. Sliding disc scorekeepers track the goals scored and each goaled ball can be picked up from the ball return tray provided underneath each goal post. Measuring 47 inches long x 33 inches wide x 31 1/s inches tall, the Foldaway Foosball Table weighs just 58 pounds and retails for just $399.95.

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