Sink into soft chair for true comfort

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Radost Kerefeyna is a Bulgarian product designer with an avid interest in creating products for kids. Her concepts include fun products like the zip constructor and modular carpet designed solely for children to express their ideas and energy. The same goes for the soft chair, a unique seating component that lets kids hug themselves in a bid to keep them relaxed and content.


Soft chair was conceived after Radost had the experience of seeing children frequently hug each other at a foster home. The power of touch is potent and in an environment where children are bereft of being with their biological parents, it’s no wonder they seek solace in each other. Taking inspiration from the situation, Radost decided to come up with a tool that could give all kids similar comfort.


Soft chair is designed in such a way that children are able to hug themselves by slipping their arms into large gloves that are a part of the chair. The soft fabric envelops them in an embrace that keeps them warm, relaxed and contented. The chair even has two little eyes to give the appearance that it’s a cute and cuddly being of some sort.

The unique seating component hasn’t entered production and there’s no telling when it will. But when it does, there’s no doubt that there’ll be parents and kids lining up to get a piece of it.

Radost’s other concepts are just as colorful and unique with simple yet functional designs that are completely children-centric.

Source: Cargocollective

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Written by Sonia Renthlei