A beautifully macabre dock for iPhone users

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The iPhone rage has spawned a generation of cool and sometimes quirky docking stations. Designers have come out of their shells to present to us their take on what constitutes a unique dock for this expensive gadget. Check out this screaming head figure, a macabre yet surprisingly beautiful dock that will instantly steal the show in home décor.


Todd Richardson is the man behind the project which is available on e-commerce website, Etsy, for a price of $550. Named The Reluctant Change, the idea was to portray a reluctance to accept the change that surrounds technology which is evident in the combination of two faces of the same coin – that of digital and analog technology. The figure displays piano hammers on the head inside which are the docking station’s mechanisms.


The Reluctant Change is made of cast bronze resin having a plastic core. It was displayed at the Bergstrom-Mahler Gallery in Wisconsin and was featured in the biannual publication of the University of Wisconsin.


The screaming head figure plays and charges iPods and iPhones. There’s a USB cable, a wall adapter and AV cables that enable users to play music over a stereo receiver. Todd says that the device has been tested and works according to what it claims with iDevices like the iPhone 4, iPod Touch Classic and the iPod Touch.

The Reluctant Change is the only project under Todd’s belt at the moment but it shouldn’t be long before he exhibits his creativity to conceive similar beautiful and functional products.

Source: Etsy

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Written by Sonia Renthlei