Function meets gorgeous form in Stack

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Every so often, we come across furniture designs that blow us away with their creativity and functionality. Unusual lines and angles that meet usability in a way that speaks to the senses is what we look for and we have found it in ‘Stack’, a wooden table that personifies its name.


Designed by Archinteriors, the wooden table is simple in style but unique in design. It has wooden discs that have been stacked on top of the other in an arched pattern. It is this placement that makes Stack stand out. Moreover, the discs are not uniform in size or color which gives the table more depth and substance.


A key feature of stack is its ability to complement different interior styles whether rustic or contemporary. It can hold two large bottles and maybe a small book.

Archinteriors is an interior architecture firm made up of professionals who strive to develop unique concepts. Pure functionality or pure form is not what they’re about. Instead, they aim to bring together the two for originality and sensory perception.

Archinterior’s other works include the likes of Acorn, a fun-looking lamp that follows the design of this nut with its cup-shaped cupule and bulb that takes the place of the seed. Or, the magazine stand called Piggy which can adorn the rooms of both children and adults alike. Designed taking inspiration from the Japanese art of origami, the top center is split to accommodate magazines and newspapers while the entire stand is painted a vintage brown with an aged effect.

Source: Archinteriors

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Written by Sonia Renthlei