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Citybook bookcase bends according to storage needs of the user

Citybook modular bookcase

Reinterpreting the Housebook, which was intended towards a single book, the “Citybook” by Italian designers Antonella Di Luca and Ubaldo Righi is a modular bookcase that bends according to the storage needs of the user. Featuring the base (€ 6500 around $8502) and modules (€7700 around $ 10,073 each) finished in iron sheet, the flexible bookcase is virtually ideal for every space. All you need to do is purchase the base (measuring 25 x 25 x 10 cm) and modules or houses (each measuring 25 x 25 x 37 cm in dimensions) and arrange the bookcase according to your storage needs and liking.


One-of-a-kind Gears Table by Bruce Gray made with industrial gears

Gears Table by Bruce Gray

Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray is renowned for his abstract metal and wood sculptures, which have been exhibited across the globe in many galleries and art museums. His astounding creations have been showcased in many TB shows and movies. One of his amazing works is the Gears Table, which has been made with 35 industrial gears in steel, stainless steel and brass. The gears used in the making are grinded off using a disk grinder and wire wheel for six days. The heavy-duty coffee has been built using hidden welds, which gives the viewers an impression that the table could start functioning surprisingly.


Lumiloft shelf includes a reading light to keep you engaged at night

Lumiloft shelf_02

Combining bookshelves and lighting together, Quirky has come up with an innovative shelf called the “Lumiloft” that apart from storing all your books elegantly also illuminates your place to give a whole new meaning to home decor. Comprising four element s, together with one shelf and two bookends, the flexible shelf also incorporates a portable reading light to complement your escalating library.


OpenBook seat doubles as library to store your books

OpenBook by TILT

Love reading but don’t have enough shelves or storage space in your living room to store your books and magazines neatly. Providing a solution, design studio TILT has come up with a piece of utility furniture dubbed the “OpenBook” that apart from seating the user comfortably also becomes a compact library or storage to keep all your books and magazines intact.


Fällbord transforming table grows from 23cm to 280cm to meet your diverse needs

Bruno Mathsson Fällbord folding table

Swedish architect and designer Bruno Mathsson (1907-1988) in known worldwide for his architectural projects, especially the homes made of glass and furniture designs, including computer desks, comfortable chairs, daybeds and highly functional tables. One of the most amazing pieces from his collection is a folding table dubbed Fällbord (design 1935). Bruno Mathsson’s ingenious Fällbord expanding table measures a mere 23 cm in its completely folded state and expands to 280 cm in length with its maximum extension.


Design your own cellular wooden table using Nervous System’s Radiolaria app

Nervous System Radiolaria Furniture App

At the 26th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICCF), Somerville, Massachusetts-based design studio Nervous System exhibited a new version of their Radiolaria web app, which lets users design their own cellular furniture. At their booth in the Javits Center, they invited visitors to try out the new app to design their own tables and get a price quote in no time. When a person finalizes the table design using the app, Nervous System gives it the real form in Baltic birch plywood using CNC router.


Incredibly cool recycled metal furniture by Hamed Ouattara

Hamed Quattara furniture

Born in 1971 in Burkina Faso, Hamed Ouattara is one of the top designers in Africa whose furniture units made with recycled metal have earned wide acclamation across the world. The Burkinabe designer and painter mainly uses recovery equipment to create commercial products of inimitable character. His creations are true works of art that give a new life to the waste objects as functional furniture pieces. Using obsolete oil drums, car wrecks and other reclaimed materials, Hamed Quattara creates storage cabinets, chairs, stools, lounges and other decorative items.


Racer coffee table gives a sporty look to your living room

Racer Table_01

Resembling the soapbox derby car, the “Racer” from Texas-based Official Design Studio is a coffee table that is designed to give a sporty look to your living room. Made using Corian and powder coated aluminum, the Racer Table comes built-in with tires at the base, so you could move it anywhere within the house with ease. Apart from being a mobile coffee table, the Racer can be used for dining and playing games, as it offers a storage space underneath to store all your living room clutter.


Ming Chair gives a new dimension to your interior decoration

Ming Chair

Developed as a part of the Ming product family which is known for utilizing diverse materials to produce unique designs, the “Ming Chair” is a lightweight chair and stool that lets you play with your interior decoration, for it is designed to go with diverse interior spaces. Produced by Tokio, a new furniture and lighting brand, the utility furniture is made using EPP-expanded polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.


Roll your baby for a goodnight’s sleep with Hanging Cradle!

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The Italy based Woodly specializes in manufacture of baby furniture. One of the quartet designers of the company, Culla sospesa has created the design for a unique Hanging Cradle called Roll. Manufactured of high quality Birch timbre, the shell is shaped like a traditional cradle. Four groves are provided on its projections for rope to be attached too. Inside the container, there is another cuboid colored shell has two lid on either of its open sides. (more…)