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Get a Popcorn Maker for Your Home Cinema

JMPosner semi-professional 4oz popcorn maker

If you have a home cinema set up already, you’ve made it in my eyes. But you only need to have the bare essentials of a screen, a seat and something to sit on to give it that title. The real decadence comes when you accessorise your home cinema to reach its full potential, giving you and your friends the best home cinema experience EVER. So what’s the best thing to add to your kit next? How about a retro popcorn maker!


Importance of buying a humidifier for your home


Humidity is the moisture content present in the air. The temperature of the air also affects the humidity level of air such that  the warmer the air is, the more water it can hold. During summers we want a combination of dry air and low humidity to result in a cooler ambient temperature and during the winters we prefer high levels of humidity to combat the cold air and make the environment a little warm. The inaccurate levels of humidity or moisture in the air can lead to various health related problems.


V Shape Roll Tissue Box ensures effortless release with no lost ends

V Shape Roll Tissue Box

Being the first daily chore we perform every morning, it’s but obvious we expect our day to start on a hassle-free note. After all, it’s always better to have a neat and clean, trouble-free toiletry at our disposal, rather than having those speckled dots and chaotic bath fittings and amenities that are just too worrisome to handle. Starting from the basic function we use toilet rolls for, the designer team of Dou Yuchen, Liu Zhibin, Huang Mingguang and Zhong Cuiting has come up with the V Shape Roll Tissue Box that makes tearing tissues off the roll a breeze.


World’s first manual automatic coffee machine lines up for Christmas

Oracle manual automatic coffee machine

Unveiled at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE), the “Oracle” from Breville is a manual automatic coffee machine which combines the adjustable operation of a traditional coffee maker with the ease of an automatic coffee machine to woo both amateurs as well as coffee aficionados. Integrating a Dual Boiler, the radical coffee machine integrates a grinder to dispense the preselected ground coffee mechanically.


Human powered washing machines that use less water, no electricity


Washing clothes with hands is a tiresome and time consuming task, which requires special skills as well as loads of patience. Though, the market is flooded with washing machines to ease your laundry but they consume a large amount of the total water and electricity consumed each month in a household. Moreover, washing machines are viable only in cities and urban areas with regular supply of electricity and water. Considering the fact that a large part of total population lives in developing and underdeveloped countries and struggles to get regular drinking water supply and electricity to illuminate their homes, need for some electricity-free and water efficient washing machines has been felt more than ever before.


The artistic charm of Natural Edge Lamp Collection

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Lamps can beautify your home, complement the décor. Launched by Worley’s Lighting, run by designer couple Seth and Shelly Worley, Natural Edge Lamp Collection is a collection of lamp perfect for traditional designed or modern/contemporary homes. Masterfully designed to add spark to your household, this lamp is sure to glow in every household. (more…)

Full Moon Lamp: Fill your room with celestial Moonlight

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Lamps prove to be an excellent complimentary option for every home. And Full Moon Lamp is the perfect choice for creating a heavenly ambiance at your home. Designed by Cedric Ragot, this lamp fills the room with moonlight. (more…)

Get sparkling water with Samsung and Sodastream

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Looking forward to improve your kitchen with a product for life? Then the new Samsung RF31FMESBSR 36” Four-Door Refrigerator is the one you must have. This new refrigerator is first in class that comes with a sparkling water dispenser. This product is developed by Samsung and also powered by world known SodaStream-famous for their bubbly drinks. (more…)

Shaping Silestone: Rethink Kitchen

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Want something spectacular? Want something that will not only be an exclusive sculpture to admire every time but also be the most important part of home? Then say yes to Shaping Silestone. This beautiful piece of furniture will make everyone go crazy. Nothing can beat its absolute design which is in the form of a Swiss Army Knife. It totally camouflages and can be used in modular ways just like theSwiss Army Knife making it more attractive. (more…)

Fruitwash- The stylish and healthier way to wash fruits

progetto fruitwash

A number of things can be done in style, including washing fruits! Don’t believe it? Well, now you can wash fruits in a fruit washer which does not uses electricity, thereby eluding style and substance,which is unheard of in many kitchens around the world. The Fruitwash by Camilla Ceccatelli is not just stylish and exquisite fruit washer, but an eco-friendly product too.