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Surprising hues for elegant flooring

Laminate Flooring

Choosing what you put on your floor is a decision which you will live with for years so you need to pick and choose carefully.

No doubt the points which you are keeping in mind are how much traffic the flooring will endure, how it goes with the overall colour scheme, cost, and whether you should go for carpet or another type of flooring.


Tips for using mirrors to decorate your home


Besides being a decorative object in a room and giving it a glamorous touch, mirror decoration is not yet a flourished field in the context of home décor. However, many people use it as a finish material on walls or even as furniture cladding. They are available in varying shapes and sizes on the shelves.  Mirrors have the ability to transform the appearance of a small room into a spacious room in no time as they have the efficiency of reflecting light and make the room bright. You can hang them over fireplaces, or place them in frames and give a chic appeal to any room.


How to create a great outdoor living room

Living Room decor

If you happen to be one of those lucky individuals who live in a place that enjoys a pleasant weather all year round, then building an outdoor living room is a great idea to appreciate the beautiful nature outside. You can carve out the living space in your backyard or patio. With an outdoor living space, you will not only be satisfied to breathe fresh air while chit chatting with friends and family, but will also save on air conditioning bills and keep the cooking smells out of your carpet and furniture upholstery.


Cheap DIY home décor ideas

DIY home decor

Nowadays, you have a plenty of home décor options  and so it is not easy to find the best one that fits your style and also your budget. However, the best way to get the room décor that you want is to design and decorate it yourself. All you will need is a bit of your imagination and your skills and also a little cash in hand to upgrade the look of your home. With the following DIY tips and few inexpensive supplies you can give that particularly appeal to your home that you always wanted.


How to choose the right paint for your walls

How to choose the right paint for your walls

If you are thinking about ways to give an oomph factor to your rooms, then painting the walls is the most easiest of all other ways. The effect that you want depends on the colors and of course, the technique of painting. However, a lot of care is required to make this painting project a success otherwise it may turn out to be a nightmare of splattered paint and endless coats. Choosing the most appropriate color for your walls can be a tedious job especially when you have a galore of options offered by the paint companies. In order to select the perfect wall color for your sanctuary,  follow these simple tips.


Five ideas to turn your house into a cosy home

Home Decor

Add some nice plants: Not only do plants look beautiful and add a nice and homely touch to your house, they also help improving the air in your house. There are some great plants out there that actually function as living air purifiers. One of the most popular and most decorative ones is the Areca Palm. Even though it requires constant care, it is definitely worth it as it helps getting rid of toxins in the air.


Tips to clean crystal chandeliers

Tips to clean crystal chandeliers

Undoubtedly, an elegant crystal chandelier  adds to the beauty and charm of  any space. However, these complementary pieces, either due to their altitude or refinement, are often left to catch dust and debris. Some homeowners also hesitate to clean them due to their fragile nature. This delay allows more grime and soot to collect on the chandelier, making it more difficult to clean. Therefore, it becomes necessary to clean them at least once or twice every year. With certain tips, this difficult task of cleaning the crystal chandelier could become simple and easy. Hit the jump to see them all.


How to Select Seating & Storage for Your Living Room

Living Room

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms inside the home where you spend time with your family, watch television and entertain guests. If you have kids in the house, a living room may also serve as a playroom. When it comes to selecting the furniture pieces for a living room, you have to make sure that they are inviting, comfortable and complement the existing living room décor. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and quality, there are infinite living room furniture options available on the market.


Life Sized Mannequin Lamps: Artistic or Scary!

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You may have seen mannequins as lifeless dummies in showrooms or stores for display of clothing. But Kuwait based designer Al-Hamad has introduced a novel concept of using mannequins for complementing the home décor. These life sized mannequins are used as lamps as a part of modern home décor. (more…)

Archilume: The biggest LED Lights Revolution

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The Union of Concerned Scientists has proved that replacing a regular light source with a compact fluorescent one can save a consumer $30. To meet the growing demand of style conscious consumers, Canadian designer Saleem Khattak, a graduate in Industrial design, developed the futuristic illuminator Archilume. This range of LED lights can be arranged in multiple configurations and the series can be arranged in various permutation and combinations. (more…)