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Most luxurious, expensive and sexiest speakers in the world

Luxury Loudspeakers

A couple of months back, I was in the market for a pair of speakers for my home and what I got for $590 seemed like the best in the world to me. However, when I read about crazy super-rich audiophiles spending like anything on luxury speakers, I feel like one poor ‘audiophile’. For the most discerning audiophiles with deep pockets, there are so many choices when it comes to loudspeakers. The market nowadays is flooded with luxurious, expensive speakers that offer the perfect blend of form and function.


August Smart Lock replaces physical keys with a Smartphone app

August Smart Lock

Swapping physical keys with a Smartphone app, San Francisco based designer Yves Behar has come up with a hi-tech lock called the “August Smart Lock” that syncs with the Smartphone of the user to ensure complete home security. Essentially a cylindrical metal device, the smart lock can be attached to the existing deadbolt and connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. As soon the user approach the Smartphone within his/her pocket, the lock senses the movement via Bluetooth and unlocks the door automatically.


Get Your Home Connected: simple ideas for the 21st century

Get Your Home Connected

Technology plays a large role in the design and realisation of a modern home. Not only are our homes littered with state of the art gadgets, but we’re taking every step we can to integrate them more fully into our houses. From smart televisions to living room tablets, here we take a look at a number of things we can do to bring our homes into the 21st century.


Clock Cubed: Time Redesigned

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Clocks are certainly one of the most significant part of home décor. Although a lot of people might not pay much attention to it, yet a clock can  make or break a home.. You can add a clock to your home that’s not just charming but also captivating. Called Clock Cubed, this clock is a great combination of fashion, fun and utility.


Switch between mirror and transparent states using a light-controlling sheet


light-controlling sheet

The excessive use of cooling systems in summers increases the electricity bills thereby increasing expenses. But now, AIST has now come up with a light-controlling sheet to allow switching between mirror and transparent states of a window. This new sheet effectively shuts out sunlight, reducing load on cooling systems and saving hefty bills.


Watering: A water purifier with difference


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It is a well known and recognized fact that drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water does wonders for human body. But how many of us actually follow the ritual? Well, this is where Watering by Hyelin Lee comes into picture. This dial like water purifier is not just another water purification system, but also an excellent method of keeping a check on your water intake.



A door chime for Star Trek fans


Ditch those boring door chimes that only play the same old ringing sounds to announce someone’s arrival. There’s a new device in town that aims to push the ordinary to the corner. Targeted at fans of Star Trek – or anyone looking for something unique – the Star Trek electronic door chime functions like other bells but with a twist: it can emit a red alarm sound too. It may not be for everyone but if you have a quirky mind then you should definitely give it a thought.


CES 2013 reveals the best gadgets for homeowners


Gadgeteers across the globe rejoice for the recent Consumer Electronics Show of 2013 revealed a feast for the senses. High-tech gadgets designed to change how people live and function. There’s never been a more exciting time for gadgeteers than now so without further ado, we present to you 10 of the best techie toys that will revolutionize living as we know it.


The best home theaters from the 2013 CES


In the continuation of our roundup of the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show 2013, we’ve picked out what we feel are the top five home theaters showcased during the event. From the likes of Samsung to LG, the systems are stylish as they’re high-tech. Take a look.


CES 2013: Best speakers for audiophiles


The recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show 2013 saw a host of manufacturers exhibiting their latest wares. We just covered the best televisions exhibited in the show and now it’s time for our picks of the best speakers.