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Enrich your diet with Freshlife Stacking Sprouter

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Sprouts can be a part of an enriching diet as they contain enough nutrients for the human body. Plants like wheatgrass and sprouts contain ample quantities of proteins and vitamin complexes. They also comprise of various pigments like chlorophyll and xanthophylls, digestive enzymes and minerals. They help in development of immunity against pathogens like virus or harmful bacteria. (more…)

Grabbit Robot: The perfect multipurpose holder!

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If you have a desire to add a new zing to your household items along with features reflecting your taste in the minor home details, then team Trinkis has a perfect solution for you. Trinkits, founded by a couple, Leo and Angie Fajardo, has been extensively researching and developing a unique holder that will have multipurpose facility. The holder has been rightfully named Grabbit robot as it has been engineered to grab anything you want it to grasp upon. (more…)

Silenzio Wall Integrated Sink: Style simplified

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Simplified yet stylized designs are currently in-vogue and are in the trend for both home and office décor this season. Much focus is applied by the designers to create innovative products that will invoke exuberance among the customers. The silenzio wall integrated sink is the perfect example of such innovative products. (more…)

Customized and Portable Kitchen: Artusi Island

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Whenever you wish to throw a party outdoors, wouldn’t it be great if you have all your culinary needs merged in one package and you place it anywhere- be it in your yard, beside your pool or even inside your house? Well, to meet the growing customer needs, Italian firm Arclinea has launched its all in one modular kitchen, popularly known as Artusi Island that will answer anyone’s prayer of having a tasty time. (more…)

Drinking Delights: Interactive Mugs

Interactive Mug

Beautiful drinking cups are new keepers in home or office or both! These innovative coffee mugs with a classic design add the X-factor to the surroundings. Designed by Shivani Saran and Swati Shelar, the project was guided by Jon Rogers. This coffee mug responds to your surroundings, in fact even your blowing! (more…)

Get sparkling water with Samsung and Sodastream

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Looking forward to improve your kitchen with a product for life? Then the new Samsung RF31FMESBSR 36” Four-Door Refrigerator is the one you must have. This new refrigerator is first in class that comes with a sparkling water dispenser. This product is developed by Samsung and also powered by world known SodaStream-famous for their bubbly drinks. (more…)

Shaping Silestone: Rethink Kitchen

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Want something spectacular? Want something that will not only be an exclusive sculpture to admire every time but also be the most important part of home? Then say yes to Shaping Silestone. This beautiful piece of furniture will make everyone go crazy. Nothing can beat its absolute design which is in the form of a Swiss Army Knife. It totally camouflages and can be used in modular ways just like theSwiss Army Knife making it more attractive. (more…)

Fruitwash- The stylish and healthier way to wash fruits

progetto fruitwash

A number of things can be done in style, including washing fruits! Don’t believe it? Well, now you can wash fruits in a fruit washer which does not uses electricity, thereby eluding style and substance,which is unheard of in many kitchens around the world. The Fruitwash by Camilla Ceccatelli is not just stylish and exquisite fruit washer, but an eco-friendly product too.


Poppit: No mess and No waste

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Tired of thinking of what to do with half cut fruits and vegetables. Keeping them together can create a mess and throwing them every time is not an option. To overcome this problem Poppit can act as your savior – an innovation by Yolanda Jackson.


Valcucine’s state of art New Logica Kitchen System



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Having an unorganized kitchen can be very frustrating. But thanks to Italian Kitchen Company, Valcucine all your space constraint problems are solved. Its new state-of-art Logica Kitchen System provides an organized platform for all kitchen equipment under one shelf, thereby making it more feasible and clean.